That Old Alarm (Single)

by Amerigo Gazaway & Xiomara



An ode to 90’s R&B, Amerigo Gazaway and Xiomara’s “1990” album is a nostalgic love letter to an era that redefined the genre. Known for his work reinterpreting classics, Gazaway (most recently tapped by the Miles Davis estate for his work on the lost Rubberband sessions), steps out of his role as a remixer and gives Bay Area artist, Xiomara, the bedrock for her voice to flourish.

With her breakout 2016 release “Seven Nineteen,” Xiomara’s soulful debut took home top rankings in SF Weekly’s “5 Best Bay Area Albums of 2016” list and led to guest spots on releases from Son Little, Blu, and Oh No to name a few. Leaning heavy on Xiomara’s songwriting and arrangement chops, the newly formed duo spent the last year crafting a collaboration as original as it is reminiscent.

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released November 4, 2019

Soul Mates 2019

Written & Performed by Xiomara
Produced & Mixed by Amerigo Gazaway
Executive Producer: Rickey Mindlin

Post-Production Mixing & Mastering by ThisIsArt

Additional Credits:

Lyrics written and performed by Blu

Electric Bass, Turntables, Recorder, MIDI Sequencing, Drum Programming, Recorder: Amerigo Gazaway


all rights reserved



Amerigo Gazaway Berkeley, California

Amerigo Gazaway’s cleverly executed hip-hop remix projects gives audiences a familiar, yet fresh and distinct way to experience their favorite songs.

Honing his DJ skills through tours of Europe, Brazil, and throughout the U.S., Amerigo Gazaway’s dancefloor driving DJ sets seamlessly blend classic breakbeats, remixes, and mashups of Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, and more.
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Track Name: That Old Alarm (Instrumental)

[Verse 1]
Death would be sweet relief
Can’t get you out of my head
As contradictory as it seems
You won’t be hard to forget
Pinching me out of a dream
You are my only regret
For fear of regression
I’m kickin you out of my bed
Oh no…

Go away don’t come back tomorrow
This ain’t the path that I’m s’posed to follow
Go ahead and get thee gone
Keep away with your indecision
I told you I love you
You s’posed to listen
What’s a girl to do but sing the blues?

[Verse 2]
You said that I was the one
Not with your lips, with your eyes
I’m getting out of here, cause you could be
My sweet demise
You made it hard to believe (You don’t be-lieve)
You don’t believe in my heart
Don’t come chasin’ after me, ringin’
That Old Alarm

[Verse 3: Blu (Rapping)]
I guess it’s not trust true truth hurts and I had no intention
Never intended to hurt you, but it does
Cold Crush Brothas touch sistas hearts
crush, No Love
Could ever measure up to love
But she looking back at me like he might be the type to define
When in all reality, how does he find Love
is the question
We all know how they leave em
Is the answer to the cancer called love eats freedom
Or the candle called lit, we lit up, now melted
Eye to eye, guy to god I can’t seem to help it
If the love isn’t mine maybe time being selfish keeps
Telling me to wait my time
But my mind so jealous
Why does he get to see you age, you sleep,
you bathe you eat every day
Maybe I’m not the sun you intended me to be
Just That Old Alarm warning you to
Be Free


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