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Oda Nobunaga [Radio Edit]

from Oda Nobunaga by Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway



Watch the music video here: youtu.be/n5cUC70n270

Producer Amerigo Gazaway and Napoleon Da Legend flex their creative chemistry on a new collaborative project, “The World Changed”.

Connecting on the outset of the Covid pandemic, the duo’s rapper-producer formula showcases NDL’s introspective lyricism while highlighting Gazaway’s growth and evolution as a beatsmith.

“Amerigo and I connected in a time of great turmoil and change both on a planetary scale but also on a personal scale in both our lives. His ear for highlighting the “soul” of a sample really gave me the space to dial into the many emotions I was sorting through during that period.” - Napoleon Da Legend

Working in tandem to keep the cohesion heard throughout the album’s 16 song tracklist, NDL finds his pocket on a range of emotions over versatile beats composed with Gazaway’s signature nuances, scratch hooks and interview soundbites.

“This is an album about survival...it’s about navigating and adapting to an ever-changing world while struggling to maintain one’s sanity and peace of mind. Napoleon is a true master of his craft as a poet/storyteller and I think that’s something that really shines through on this record." - Amerigo Gazaway

With assists from vocalist La Bruja, Brooklyn’s Skyzoo, and three appearances from rapper Awon, 'The World Changed' delivers focused bars rooted in boom-bap and soul.


[Napoleon Da Legend verse]
Yo Nomadic traveler toe tag a haggler
Samurai vernacular the erudite trafficker
Andromaque de Scythian my battery pack is lithium
My lineage goes back to the times of the Corinthians
It’s the perennial punishing finishing move
With my mistress cooking ton of Dominican food
Yasuke Chikara I’m a walking powder keg
Plant a ten foot pole as a display for a coward’s head
Playing Sudoku disloyal friend perform Seppuku
Goku with the beaucoup bucks without the Susu
Soul food eat before the war we go through
We bend the old rules and market this music with higher morals
Skip the tutorials jump into the action egotistically
Once I did better some people start to get pissed at me
Things I used to think were difficult became simple
The human brain fickle what comes easy gains little
I speak in plain riddles explode in the paint no dribbles
Single slash make the blood down ya nose trickle
Miyamoto Musashi with the 2 swords
Blades slice ya heart out ya chest what you move for?

[Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2]
Not knowing is Buddha not seeing is a flower
Gold coins to a cat not moving is power
Under the cherry blossom where the sky at the bottom
Ten people ten colors you’ll know when I shot em

Wiser than a grey hair on a monk and a bear drunk
Pork belly ass punks yo we tear chunks
Of lungs and intestines and we send em to intensives
Then go home, drink a tea and sit there pensive
Reevaluate the deeds I did
My last supper with a supple piece of beef I bit
So Zen-like hopping in a Benz with old friends
Bumping Stevie Wonder reminiscing on my old sins
I took many lives to get my name known
Soiled by the blood of the devil since day old
Walk strong like Bok Choy root
Koi fish blue fuck around destroy this fool
Gonzo Hattori Hanzo shorty in my condo
Akira Toriyama in the back playing bongos
Ichiban Po beat Tao Pai Pai
Then abruptly leave the scene with no bye byes

[Napoleon Da Legend Hook x2]
Not knowing is Buddha not seeing is a flower
Gold coins to a cat not moving is power
Under the cherry blossom where the sky at the bottom
Ten people ten colors you’ll know when I shot em


from Oda Nobunaga, released May 6, 2022
Written & Performed by Napoleon Da Legend
Produced & Mixed by Amerigo Gazaway
Executive Producer: Rickey Mindlin

Soul Mates 2021


Post-Production Mixing & Mastering by ThisIsART:




Amerigo Gazaway Zagreb, Croatia

Amerigo Gazaway’s cleverly executed hip-hop remix projects gives audiences a familiar, yet fresh and distinct way to experience their favorite songs.

Honing his DJ skills through tours of Europe, Brazil, and throughout the U.S., Amerigo Gazaway’s dancefloor driving DJ sets seamlessly blend classic breakbeats, remixes, and mashups of Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, and more.
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