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Return to Crooklyn (feat. Skyzoo & Awon) [Remix] [Acapella]

from Return to Crooklyn (Remix feat. Skyzoo & Awon) by Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway

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Producer Amerigo Gazaway and Napoleon Da Legend flex their creative chemistry on a new collaborative project, “The World Changed”.

Connecting on the outset of the Covid pandemic, the duo’s rapper-producer formula showcases NDL’s introspective lyricism while highlighting Gazaway’s growth and evolution as a beatsmith.

“Amerigo and I connected in a time of great turmoil and change both on a planetary scale but also on a personal scale in both our lives. His ear for highlighting the “soul” of a sample really gave me the space to dial into the many emotions I was sorting through during that period.” - Napoleon Da Legend

Working in tandem to keep the cohesion heard throughout the album’s 16 song tracklist, NDL finds his pocket on a range of emotions over versatile beats composed with Gazaway’s signature nuances, scratch hooks and interview soundbites.

“This is an album about survival...it’s about navigating and adapting to an ever-changing world while struggling to maintain one’s sanity and peace of mind. Napoleon is a true master of his craft as a poet/storyteller and I think that’s something that really shines through on this record." - Amerigo Gazaway

With assists from vocalist La Bruja, Brooklyn’s Skyzoo, and three appearances from rapper Awon, 'The World Changed' delivers focused bars rooted in boom-bap and soul.


[Napoleon Da Legend intro]
B.R. Double O K. L. Y. N
B.R. Double O K. L. Y. N

[Napoleon Da Legend verse]
Word to Gil Scott
The Revolution starts in the heart
No diss to Jill Scott
Brooklyn ain’t a walk in the park
School to prison pipeline they smoking pipes on the Ave
When guns shoot and knives stab you can’t get ya life back
Nah haggle at the store get the price slashed in half
Kings plaza dollar vans on the strip like Gaza
Billboards with liquors ads peep the bigger math
Petty beefs tit for tat yo we live for cash
Must be something in the tap water
Disrespectful energy we bring it back towards ya
That’s reciprocity
They speculate on property
It’s a game of monopoly where oligarchs exploit the poverty
From red lining cross the yellow blue and red line
Legendary kingpins are dead or doing fed time
The best rappers you know/ live there curse and a gift there
It’s mixed bag many did that and got big there

[Napoleon Da Legend hook x2]
B R double O K L Y N
King’s County NY from beginning to end
What’s known ain’t gotta be said it’s where the greatest sparks
Spread love that’s Brooklyn u know in ya heart

[Skyzoo verse]
Brooklyn New York City where we paint murals of Biggie
And Pop Smoke, and Sean Price, for the love of memories
Flag in the dirt that everyone wanna rep for
Outta towners screaming it, vowing not to be left off
My block was “do the right thing” come to life
In the summer you shoot to the store and you shooting dice
2 slices a daily routine, like if my hood was on my shirt
And my beliefs is where my radio be
You do the math, meanwhile, I be on a park bench
Refilling this cup of Henny until the dark hits
The vibes good but keep an eye where the narcs went
‘Cause new Brooklyn will call them and get us all clipped
But shit is cool, we the county of kings,
Where the love buries the hate on account of the rings
Do or die in the field, know the pride is real
And this is ours, regardless of what they dying to build, B R

[Napoleon Da Legend hook x2]
B R double O K L Y N
King’s County NY from beginning to end
What’s known ain’t gotta be said it’s where the greatest sparks
Spread love that’s Brooklyn u know in ya heart

[Awon verse]
It was Brooklyn hospital I took my first breath
In Fort Greene Projects I took my first steps
85 Navy Walk I heard my first shots
My side of town was known for red tops
I first met Biz in the Albee Square
Project barbershop Dennis use to cut my hair
Slide up to Crown Heights, hung out on Park Place
My cousin Andy showed me how to pop a willy my ace
Mum lived on Sterling back when pops had the Porsche
My park was birthing Gods and Earths in the Fort
New York the Golden era, a relic of Reaganomics
Before the gentrification and renovation of projects
Gabby did the fronts, I remember free lunch
Ol heads played chesswhile the youngins smoked blunts
Pissy elevator stench, Gods cipher on the bench
Chased the paper in Virginia but Brooklyn Represent

[Napoleon Da Legend hook x2]
B R double O K L Y N
King’s County NY from beginning to end
What’s known ain’t gotta be said it’s where the greatest sparks
Spread love that’s Brooklyn u know in ya heart


from Return to Crooklyn (Remix feat. Skyzoo & Awon), released December 10, 2021
Written & Performed by Napoleon Da Legend
Produced & Mixed by Amerigo Gazaway
Executive Producer: Rickey Mindlin

Soul Mates 2021


Post-Production Mixing & Mastering by ThisIsART:

Album Artwork by Amerigo Gazaway:

Special Guest Features:

Additional vocals written & performed by Awon:

Additional vocals written & performed by Skyzoo:

Written by Gregory Taylor
Rudy For Real Publishing (BMI)
Skyzoo appears courtesy of First Generation Rich Inc.




Amerigo Gazaway Zagreb, Croatia

Amerigo Gazaway’s cleverly executed hip-hop remix projects gives audiences a familiar, yet fresh and distinct way to experience their favorite songs.

Honing his DJ skills through tours of Europe, Brazil, and throughout the U.S., Amerigo Gazaway’s dancefloor driving DJ sets seamlessly blend classic breakbeats, remixes, and mashups of Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, and more.
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