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Time Travellin' (Amerigo Remix)

from Time Travellin' (Amerigo Remix) (Deluxe Single) by Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³

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Introducing 'Radical Dreamers' by emcee Amerigo Gazaway and producer DJ DN³ – an album that ignites the flame of radical pursuit and encapsulates the essence of chasing one's dreams fearlessly.

With it's distinct retro SNES-era sound, 'Time Travellin' revisits the adventures of Crono and his companions while paying homage to the game's legacy.

Stream/download and pre-order CD/vinyl/cassette: amerigo.bandcamp.com/album/radical-dreamers

Watch the music video here:


Verse 1: Amerigo Gazaway]
Once upon a time I knew this guy named Chrono, real spiky hair
He was from the 90's, and wore Nike Airs
One day he woke up and he headed to the street fair
Leene Square, little did he know who he would meet there
Marle, she was descendent of a princess
She dropped her pendent, when he picked it up he caught her interest
Meanwhile, this girl name Lucca
His next door neighbor, her favorite gun - bazooka
Was workin on some kind of transportation device
I should have know better than to go and take her advice
But yo, she asked for a couple of volunteers
Marle steps up, and she magically disappears
Into thin air, or maybe a black hole
If i don't go after her, I'ma look like an asshole
So, I step up to the platform and press the button
I don't know where I'm headed, but f*ck it here goes nothin'

[Verse 2: Amerigo Gazaway]
I look around, now I'm somewhere in the Middle Ages
And when I fight my time is measured by these little gauges
I made it through the forest, now I'm at the castle gates
but then I get ambushed by the guards, isn't that just great?
I gotta find a way, up out of this mess
I'm on trial for kidnapping the princess
Told you I was clean, what you want me to take a piss test?
I wish that I could hear what they're saying, but it's just text
So, now I'm locked up...man f*ck that
I'm breakin' out of here its time to get my stuff back
I look around and find a hole in the wall
Climbing up the side of the castle, man I hope I don't fall
Then get confronted by the Chancellor - no Warhol
Now where's my sword, I'm gettin' kinda bored ya'll
I hear a "roar" as he heads for the door
Turn around to face the dragon hope you're ready for war
I'm time travellin'

[Verse 3: Amerigo Gazaway]
So we defeat the dragon and then try to escape
Get chased through the forest then we end up finding a gate
No time to waste, I'm bout to transcend time and space
Activate the portal, disappear without a trace
Yo, next thing you know - we chillin in a strange dome
Used to play this game every day when I came home
Its kinda cold but I figure I'll take my chances
So I set set off on my journey hoping maybe I can find some answers
Then Lucca discovers this videotape
Of how he world ends and suffers from a grizzly fate
Damn I guess we're a just little bit late
But wait, look at the date,
Theres still a chance that it could have been saved
Met this robot, who said he wanted to roll
Because none of the other robots had a heart or a soul
Its time to save the planet, yeah that's part of the goal
Everyday after school, man you already know
I'm time travellin'


from Time Travellin' (Amerigo Remix) (Deluxe Single), released March 11, 2024
Written, performed and produced by Amerigo Gazaway
Original sample composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

Post-production Mixing & Mastering by This is ART:

RandomBeats Music
Retrograde Arcade

Amerigo Gazaway:


RandomBeats Music:

Retrograde Arcade:


all rights reserved



Amerigo Gazaway Zagreb, Croatia

Amerigo Gazaway’s cleverly executed hip-hop remix projects gives audiences a familiar, yet fresh and distinct way to experience their favorite songs.

Honing his DJ skills through tours of Europe, Brazil, and throughout the U.S., Amerigo Gazaway’s dancefloor driving DJ sets seamlessly blend classic breakbeats, remixes, and mashups of Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, and more.
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